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Hair Care

Hair systems are made with hair that has already been taken off from the head. The hair will never grow or continue to receive nutrients since it does not perform the same way as growing hair. Hence, the hair systems need to be well taken care of during wear.

Hair systems can be exposed to damaging forces like sunshine (which can oxidize the hair and fade the color), UV rays (which destroy the hair and make it dry) , and swimming pools (containing chlorine which can bleach the hair and remove the hair color).

Good hair care solutions will greatly prolong the lifespan and make the hair look healthy and shiny.

Care starts with attachment and removal, cleaning, shampooing and conditioning. Daily wear maintenance is also very important. Using the appropriate maintenance products in the right ways is also of high importance.

So we have gathered a lot of useful information to help you properly maintain and take care of your hair replacement systems.

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