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Men’s Super Fine Welded Mono Hair System with Front Bleached Knots

The ICON-5 is an extremely sturdy men’s hair system that features bleach knots and a very natural front hairline. It is ideal for hair system wearers who desire a robust and sturdy hairpiece that is durable and comfortable. It is also extremely natural-looking with bleached knots at the front, meaning it is undetectable even to discerning eyes.

The ICON-5 uses 100% natural human hair so it shines in light just as a head of real hair would. With this hairpiece, the strands of hair are not monotonous but reflect the range of hues that real hair does.

The ICON-5 differs slightly from the Icon in the front line that has a slightly further protruding edge, allowing you to cut and shape to fit your desired hairstyle.

Below are the specifications of this hairpiece toupee for men:

Base Design : Full super fine welded mono base with stitching lines

Base Size:      6''×9'' (#18 is 6''×8.5'' )
Base Material Color:    Flesh
Front Contour :    CC
Colors Available:     #420, #5R, #18, #22R 
Hair Length:    5"
Hair Density:      Medium Light to Medium 
Hair Type:     100% Human hair  
Curl & Wave:     36mm
Hair Direction :   Freestyle
Bleached Knots : Bleached Knots at the front

Advantage :   Extremely sturdy, breathable, invisible roots, human hair

Delivery  :  
Ships within 24 hours but please allow an additional three days if you opt
for our base cutting service or pre-cutting and styling service.

Kind Reminder :   
This hair system cannot be returned for a refund or replacement since it is an off-price commodity 

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Men’s Super Fine Welded Mono Hair System with Front Bleached Knots

  • If you require durability and a longer lifespan from your hair replacement system, the S2 is an ideal choice for you. The durability of custom S2 hair replacement system is the welded mono construction, which is much more durable than lace. The reason why hair replacement systems made completely out of welded mono are so strong is that the material is rigid. Without movement it is harder for knots to loosen and shed. The S2 hair replacement systems are also able to keep their contour and shape longer thanks to the addition of stitching lines. The strength of the custom S2 also means that it can hold high density hair, which is necessary for some customers who have longer, thicker hair. A natural look can be added to S2 hair replacement system with bleach knots. This system is durability and breathability, if these are important to you, consider one of our S2 hair replacement system.

    This is a custom made product as an example, all the specifications will be customized per your need. Below are the specifications of the product shown in the pictures for your reference.

    Base Design:   Full fine welded mono base with sitiching lines for better shape and extra durability
    Base Size:     8" x 10"
    Base Material Color:     Flesh
    Front Contour:     A 
    Hair Length:     6" before cut-in
    Hair Density:     Medium light 
    Hair Type:     Indian human hair 
    Hair Direction :    Free Style 
    Curl & Wave:     Natural Straight 
    Advantage:    Breathable, light, undetectable. More durable than French lace

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